Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For The Love Of Tarot

Tonight I have rediscovered my love for learning of tarot. It seems to be so weird when you reconnect with something. Its like finding a necklace you wore all the time and then one day stop wearing and didn't know why. I remember I have always wanted to learn tarot way before I become interested in Wicca.

When I was about twelve my mum gave me a deck of old tarot cards and I was over the moon. I remember when I was five or six and I had asked my mum for them. I got very passionate about learning and so I read and read. I don't when or how but I just stop reading and practicing.

But since I have joined Rose Cottage that spark of learning seems to have reignited. It told know what it is about every week when I leave ATC that I feel like I have been on a sugar rush. I guess that happens when you actually allow your brain to function and be stimulated. I know for me it is easy to switch off and not truly pay attention. That is why I strive to find things that are not only interesting but will challenge my perceptions and expectations.

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